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Leaders and Legends, November 18-21, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Feature aired November 14, 2012 at NYU Law School Fall 2012 Lecture:
“College Athletics: Is Anyone In Charge?”

Feature aired September 11, 2011 on NBC Bay Area’s Sports Sunday program,
coverage by Laurence Scott, Sports Anchor/Reporter.

Feature aired September 19, 2004 on CBS’s 60 Minutes program,
coverage by Lesley Stahl, Journalist/Reporter.

Click to buy this book at Amazon.com“Winning the NFL Way: Leadership Lessons From Football's Top Head Coaches”
By Bob LaMonte with Robert L. Shook (July, 2004)

Being an NFL coach is the ultimate high-pressure job. Every Sunday a coach makes split-second decisions that will not only decide the fate of the game, but also his team’s season and, ultimately, his own job.

Meet Mike Holmgren, Jon Gruden, John Fox, Andy Reid, and Mike Sherman – top NFL head coaches whose careers rest on their ability to lead men to win in the fiercely competitive world of professional football. In this extraordinary collaboration with their agent, Bob LaMonte, each of these five coaches shares his leadership principles. LaMonte takes you behind the scenes, where you’ll be a fly on the wall as these men reveal how to win beyond the X’s and O’s. You will see how these successful leaders communicate with different personalities, develop vision, build trust in their people, and win loyalty, as well as overcome adversity and adapt to change.

Through their colorful and motivational anecdotes, you’ll gain unprecedented insights into the minds of some of the best coaches today and valuable lessons on what it means to be a leader and a champion.

“[Winning the NFL Way] provides some valuable life lessons but also provides some candid glimpses into some of pro football’s most powerful men.” –The Sporting News

“…stories about how the coaches got their jobs show that incredibly hard work does pay off.” –New York Times

“A solid job of illustrating how these five men are meeting LaMonte’s two-step plan for success.” –Orlando Sentinel


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